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Hit by a car and left permanently paralyzed, DIVA DOG is the true story of Coral – a pit bull on wheels with a heart of gold and a triumphant will to live. Now she is starring in her very own movie, “DIVA DOG: PIT BULL ON WHEELS.” Starring Debra Wilson, Linda Blair, Kelli McCarty, Jordan Ladd, Adrienne Frantz, James Madio, Amelia Kinkade, Tamar Geller, Eric Martsolf & Barbie Orr. DIVA DOG’s mission is to bring a good pit bull role model to the public and to educate people about the options for disabled animals. Come on in and get to know Coral, Pit Bull Ambassador and Official Spokesdog for Disabled Animals Everywhere!!!

Director and Executive Producer: Chris Cory. Producers: Danny Oliva and Claire Farwell.
SPECIAL THANKS: Kathy Najimy, Rue McClanahan, Ed Begley Jr., Persia White, Jane Velez-Mitchell, Maria Conchita Alonso and Victoria Fisher

DIVA DOG is really rolling along full-speed ahead, thanks to all the incredible support from fans all across the country and beyond who know this story is an important and necessary one that must be shared with the world. In the words of our other angel Debra Wilson – Coral’s legacy is a legacy of life, not death. It’s legacy of quality. It’s a legacy of Joy. Coral’s story…is not just a story. It’s a resource that will help us grow as human beings.”

DIVA DOG has partnered with ROVERlution – www.roverlution.org – to bring DIVA DOG’s message to the mainstream public and the mass media through a powerful e-mail campaign that anyone can participate it. It’s very easy. To learn more about OPERATION OPRAH, subscribe to our Monthly Newsletter/E-Zine. To join the OPERATION OPRAH ALERT LIST, please send us an e-mail with OPERATION OPRAH ALERT LIST in the subject line.
Chris Cory is currently on a nationwide tour with DIVA DOG, partnering with animal rescue groups and pit bull advocacy organizations. So far, we have brought DIVA DOG’s message to LA, Philadelphia, Portland (OR), Kansas City, Fredericksburg (VA) and now Toronto. We are starting to go international! Hoping to bring DIVA DOG to the UK by Labor Day.

The next stops on the DIVA DOG tour are Montclair (NJ), NYC and Birmingham(AL). Woo-hoo! All upcoming events info is in our Monthly Newsletter/E-Zine. Keep on the lookout for some new and exciting DIVA DOG events in July and August to commemorate Coral the Diva Dog’s birthday July 23. We will be working with a wonderful rescue called Mariah’s Promise in Colorado and bringing DIVA DOG right to the Denver area, where BSL (breed-specific legislation) is really destroying homes and families, as pit bulls are ripped from their families based soley upon their breed. To learn more about the seriousness of this issue and how BSL is something that MUST be stopped, join our monthly newsletter/e-zine.
The DVD is currently SOLD OUT thank you to all our wonderful customers who have bought copies over the years.
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Remember – Stop Animal Abuse! Support and sustain life on the planet.

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AstraZeneca presents preliminary data from AZD6094-AZD9291 combination trial for treatment of NSCLC Hutchison China MediTech Small , today announces that AstraZeneca Abdominal , Hutchison MediPharma Small's collaboration partner, presented preliminary data from the ongoing Stage Ib clinical trial of HMP's c-Met inhibitor savolitinib coupled with AstraZeneca's drug applicant AZD9291 in non-small cell lung malignancy cafergot net . AZD9291 is certainly AstraZeneca's investigational inhibitor of the epidermal development element receptor . Preliminary data on the experience of AZD9291 in sufferers with EGFR mutation positive NSCLC who experienced failed currently-authorized EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitors was provided at the American Culture of Clinical Oncology meeting in June 2014. In mid-2014 AstraZeneca commenced the TATTON research, a multi-arm Stage Ib research of AZD9291 in conjunction with either savolitinib , MEDI4736 or selumetinib in EGFR mutation positive NSCLC. For all those sufferers who received savolitinib and AZD9291, the primary goal of the TATTON research was to determine a effective and safe combination dose. All sufferers were screened because of their T790M status and also some, if sufficient cells samples were obtainable, because of their c-Met position. Related StoriesMeat-rich diet plan may increase kidney cancers riskSausages With Antioxidants From Berries TO AVOID CancerNew RNA check of blood platelets may be used to detect area of cancerThe pursuing poster was offered at the American Culture of Clinical Oncology annual conference in Chicago on 30 May 2015. Name: Preliminary outcomes of TATTON, a multi-arm stage Ib trial of AZD9291 coupled with MEDI4736, Selumetinib or AZD6094 in EGFR-mutant lung cancer tumor. Authors: Oxnard G.R., et al. Abstract: #2509 – offered by abstracts.asco.org/156/AbstView_156_148945.html Program: Developmental Therapeutics – Clinical Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics Day & Time: Saturday 30 Might 8:00 AM-11:30 AM A complete of 12 individuals were dosed with either 600mg or 800mg daily dosages of savolitinib in conjunction with 80mg AZD9291. When it comes to the principal aims of the scholarly research, the 600mg combination dosage was well tolerated with toxicity profiles that enable combination at dosages previously proven biologically active. Of the 11 evaluable individuals in the study, 6 partial responses have already been observed up to now. Responses up to now include 4 of 7 individuals with confirmed T790M negative status. The display will be made offered by Christian Hogg, CEO of Chi-Med stated: ‘Savolitinib is an extremely selective c-Met inhibitor made to get rid of the toxicities experienced by the first wave of c-Met inhibitors within their early development. We have been now happy to find encouraging early efficacy data emerge in non-small cell lung tumor to increase the efficacy currently reported in papillary renal cell carcinoma and colorectal tumor.’. Continue reading

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According to the experts who compiled the study, food-based chlorine exposure might, in reality, play a larger role in causing food allergies than exposure through plain tap water. demonstrates high levels of dichlorophenol-containing pesticides may possibly weaken meals tolerance in a few people, causing food allergy, explained study writer Elina Jerschow about the findings. show that both food allergy symptoms and environmental pollution are increasing in the usa, outcomes of our research suggest these two trends might be connected, and that increased use of pesticides and additional chemicals is associated with an increased prevalence of food allergy symptoms. Continue reading

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And about Paul Ryan ask your doctor . Ryan still has high-profile moments of combativeness and assumes fights that Mr. Romney will not. On Friday, he made an appearance at the annual AARP convention and drew boos as he needed repeal of Mr. Obama’s health care law and laid out the approach that he and Mr. Romney would try address Medicare’s financial troubles, which would encourage more private-sector competition in the government-run program .) simply because his working mate would make Romney take action more like Ryan -; bold, specific, assured. Continue reading

They exist already.

And while the brand new bionic parts might not let people operate as fast as an automobile or strong plenty of to bend steel, for the paralyzed increases in size of mobility are simply as miraculous. I’ve a 3-year-old child, said ReWalk consumer Radi Kaiuf, who was simply paralyzed in the Israeli armed service. The 1st time she noticed me walking, she was silent for the first short while and she said after that, ‘Daddy you are high.’ It made me experience so excellent, he stated, like I was soaring. .. Bionic AREAS OF THE BODY Help Paralyzed Walk Again JERUSALEM Can robotic pants 1 day help the paralyzed walk? Well actually, they exist already, because of Amit Goffer, an Isreali business owner, who refused to consider his paralysis seated. Goffer lost the usage of his hip and legs in a 1997 motor vehicle accident. Continue reading

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CDC: Lyme disease prices 10 times higher than once thought AtlantaLyme disease strikes about 300.

After eliminating the tick, clear the bite with rubbing alcoholic beverages, an iodine scrub or water and soap. Stay clear of folklore remedies, says the CDC, including painting the tick with nail Vaseline or polish, or using fire or warmth to detach the tick from skin. The company added that efforts are underway to recognize new methods to eliminate these ticks and prevent the disease in people. Community methods like tasking homeowners to try to kill ticks in their own yards, or local initiatives towards disrupting the disease’s life-routine between deer, rodents , humans and ticks could help reduce risk. Continue reading

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