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Hit by a car and left permanently paralyzed, DIVA DOG is the true story of Coral – a pit bull on wheels with a heart of gold and a triumphant will to live. Now she is starring in her very own movie, “DIVA DOG: PIT BULL ON WHEELS.” Starring Debra Wilson, Linda Blair, Kelli McCarty, Jordan Ladd, Adrienne Frantz, James Madio, Amelia Kinkade, Tamar Geller, Eric Martsolf & Barbie Orr. DIVA DOG’s mission is to bring a good pit bull role model to the public and to educate people about the options for disabled animals. Come on in and get to know Coral, Pit Bull Ambassador and Official Spokesdog for Disabled Animals Everywhere!!!

Director and Executive Producer: Chris Cory. Producers: Danny Oliva and Claire Farwell.
SPECIAL THANKS: Kathy Najimy, Rue McClanahan, Ed Begley Jr., Persia White, Jane Velez-Mitchell, Maria Conchita Alonso and Victoria Fisher

DIVA DOG is really rolling along full-speed ahead, thanks to all the incredible support from fans all across the country and beyond who know this story is an important and necessary one that must be shared with the world. In the words of our other angel Debra Wilson – Coral’s legacy is a legacy of life, not death. It’s legacy of quality. It’s a legacy of Joy. Coral’s story…is not just a story. It’s a resource that will help us grow as human beings.”

DIVA DOG has partnered with ROVERlution – www.roverlution.org – to bring DIVA DOG’s message to the mainstream public and the mass media through a powerful e-mail campaign that anyone can participate it. It’s very easy. To learn more about OPERATION OPRAH, subscribe to our Monthly Newsletter/E-Zine. To join the OPERATION OPRAH ALERT LIST, please send us an e-mail with OPERATION OPRAH ALERT LIST in the subject line.
Chris Cory is currently on a nationwide tour with DIVA DOG, partnering with animal rescue groups and pit bull advocacy organizations. So far, we have brought DIVA DOG’s message to LA, Philadelphia, Portland (OR), Kansas City, Fredericksburg (VA) and now Toronto. We are starting to go international! Hoping to bring DIVA DOG to the UK by Labor Day.

The next stops on the DIVA DOG tour are Montclair (NJ), NYC and Birmingham(AL). Woo-hoo! All upcoming events info is in our Monthly Newsletter/E-Zine. Keep on the lookout for some new and exciting DIVA DOG events in July and August to commemorate Coral the Diva Dog’s birthday July 23. We will be working with a wonderful rescue called Mariah’s Promise in Colorado and bringing DIVA DOG right to the Denver area, where BSL (breed-specific legislation) is really destroying homes and families, as pit bulls are ripped from their families based soley upon their breed. To learn more about the seriousness of this issue and how BSL is something that MUST be stopped, join our monthly newsletter/e-zine.
The DVD is currently SOLD OUT thank you to all our wonderful customers who have bought copies over the years.
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Remember – Stop Animal Abuse! Support and sustain life on the planet.

An adaptation needed for holding a discussion at a cocktail party.

Hidehiko co-workers and Okamoto of the Institute for Biomagnetism and Biosignal analysis, Muenster, Germany, and co-workers in Japan and Canada have got utilized a neuroimaging technique referred to as magnetoencephalography to check out the underlying neural mechanisms and hemispheric variations linked to simultaneous masking as volunteers paid attention to different mixtures of ensure that you background sounds. Test noises were played either left or to the proper ear, as the competing sound was shown either to the same or even to the opposite hearing. Continue reading


PRESS RELEASE SUMMIT, N http://www.crmedicaltourism.com .J.— – Celgene Corporation today announced the election of Michael W. Bonney to its Table of Directors. Mr. Bonney served as Chief Executive Officer and a member of the Plank of Directors of Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Inc. From June 2003 until his retirement on December 31, 2014. In addition to his tenure as CEO of Cubist, Mr. Bonney's vast healthcare knowledge includes serving while President and Chief Operating Officer of Cubist from January 2002 to June 2003; holding several positions of increasing responsibility at Biogen, Inc., from 1995 – 2001; and serving in positions of raising responsibility in product sales, marketing and strategic setting up at Zeneca Pharmaceuticals over an eleven calendar year period. Continue reading

Any splint that will keep the injured feet from moving is effective.

Individuals below the poverty line shall be treated cost free and other patients will be charged minimum. This cancer centre, pass on over about 35,000 m2 of property in Rajasthan University of Health Sciences campus, will be one of a kind in India. This Institution will desire to be a centre of excellence for malignancy treatment promoting prevention, cure, rehabilitation, palliation and advancement.. Broken Foot Self-Care at Home First aid for those who have foot injuries is certainly elevation and stabilization of the injured foot. Any splint that will keep the injured feet from moving is effective. Often a pillow wrapped around the feet like a stirrup and then taped or tied with a bandage is effective.Do not wrap the foot so tightly that it cuts off the blood supply to the foot. Continue reading

It is also caused by contamination.

These herbs possess properties that help heal the physical body. It is necessary to take omega-3 essential fatty acids that are located in fish, specific nuts, and also chocolate have got anti-inflammatory properties. That is healthy for your body. These are among the effective herbs for comfort. It really is ideal to make use of turmeric for inflammation. They are active herbs for rest from the nagging problem. It is beneficial to heal the physical body. It’s been used for years and years as herb in eastern lifestyle for long time. It really is useful as a medication to treat wounds, attacks, colds, and liver disease. It can help to lessen inflammation effectively. Continue reading

The first patient was enrolled by Eric Feldman.

The National Cancers Institute defines AML as a quickly progressing disease in which too many immature white bloodstream cells are located in the bloodstream and bone marrow. In 2008, the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Information and Figures estimates 13,290 new situations of AML and 8,820 deaths.. Celator Pharmaceuticals enrols first patient in phase 2 study of CPX-351 in acute myeloid leukemia Celator Pharmaceuticals today announced that the first patient has been treated in a randomized Phase 2 clinical study of CPX-351 Liposome Injection in patients with newly diagnosed acute myeloid leukemia . The first patient was enrolled by Eric Feldman, MD at the Weill Medical University of Cornell New and University York Presbyterian Hospital. Continue reading

Australian H1N1 flu toll climbs to 17 The most recent update.

The even worse affected countries stay Mexico with 3,892 instances including 75 deaths, america with 6,552 situations including 9 deaths, Canada with 719 situations including 1 loss of life, Japan with 321 instances no deaths, Spain with 126 cases no deaths and the uk with 117 cases no deaths. Related StoriesNew research raise important queries about effect of statin therapy on performance of flu vaccinesTaking methods to prevent, drive back fluFlu vaccine considerably reduces stroke riskHowever every day more situations are appearing around the world with Australia’s toll right now up to 17 with the confirmation a Brisbane woman has examined positive to swine flu. Continue reading

Bloomberg reviews.

This article can be republished with kind permission from our close friends at The Kaiser Family Foundation. You can view the complete Kaiser Daily Health Plan Report, search the archives, or join email delivery of in-depth coverage of health policy developments, debates and discussions. The Kaiser Daily Health Policy Report is published for Kaisernetwork.org, a free of charge service of The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. Copyright 2009 Advisory Table Kaiser and Company Family Foundation. All rights reserved.. China, Who have to collaborate on flu study center Chinese and WHO officials the other day agreed to open up a flu research center in Beijing, Bloomberg reviews. ‘The brand new collaborating middle for reference and research on influenza will sign up for a network of WHO-affiliated labs in Atlanta, London, Melbourne and Tokyo that monitor flu strains and make recommendations on vaccines to battle the virus,’ the news headlines service writes. Continue reading

Americans Subjected to Atomic Bomb Levels of Radiation through Medical Imaging.

– Vibrational Medicine: The #1 Handbook of Subtle-Energy Therapies by Richard Gerber, M.D. – Available on Amazon.com Radiation sickness can take many forms, including the exacerbation of existing disease claims, and in addition differs in intensity based on the degree of exposure to low or high degrees of radiation. It is important to recognize that it’s not atomic explosions that induce radiation hazards just. Diagnostic x-rays, TV displays, and other noninvasive resources have to be considered apparently. It is beyond the scope of the book to explore the complexity of radiation sickness or the range of treatments open to treat the problem. Continue reading

Antares Pharma.

The National Study of Family Growth has revealed that 31 % of women discontinue usage of reversible contraceptives for method-related reasons within six months of starting make use of, and 44 % do so within 12 months. The novel NES/E2 transdermal gel offers a potentially attractive contraceptive option, in that both the formulation and the active compounds are created to reduce the adverse events profile observed with current contraceptive strategies and could result therefore in higher continuation rates by users. According to Business Insights the contraceptive marketplace is projected to attain $7.5 billion by 2011. The Population Council is responsible for analysis on Nestorone and scientific trial design management and development.. Continue reading

The consequence of facts-gone-missing is possibly harming patients.

It turns out that is no occasionally kind of issue, either. The BMJ statements a large proportion of evidence from human being trials is unreported, and far of what is reported is done so inadequately. In an editorial, Dr. Richard Lehman from the University of Oxford and BMJ Clinical Epidemiology Editor, Dr. Elizabeth Loder, nail the current state of medical study as a tradition of haphazard publication and incomplete data disclosure. They demand full access to raw trial data to permit better understanding of the benefits and harms of several treatments. Bottom line: when data is overlooked, the missing facts distort the scientific record and published results of a study. This then network marketing leads doctors to create potentially dangerous medical decisions about what drugs or procedures patients need because the docs are relying on skewed and even bogus evidence. Continue reading

As this may pose health risks to the foetus.

As little as one drink weekly might harm your baby Expectant mothers ought to be advised not to consume alcohol, as this may pose health risks to the foetus, argues an editorial in this week’s BMJ. While the UK Department of Wellness advises that ladies can safely drink a couple of units of alcohol per week, a united group of psychiatrists in London highlight several research which cast question on the guidance. The authors looked at reports into foetal alcoholic beverages syndrome, a condition developed by some babies subjected to alcoholic beverages in the womb, leading to stunted development, facial abnormalities and neurocognitive deficits cialis-suisse.net/cialis-oral-jelly . Continue reading

To be able to properly interpret growth position and improve treatment.

Bone age essential to correctly interpret growth position in pediatric Crohn’s disease Measuring bone age ought to be a typical practice of look after pediatric individuals with Crohn’s disease, to be able to properly interpret growth position and improve treatment, according to a fresh research from the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital. Not merely is bone age useful in predicting a child’s remaining development potential, our research demonstrates that bone age group is necessary to properly interpret a patient’s development position in pediatric Crohn’s disease, said lead research researcher Neera Gupta, MD, MAS, a pediatric gastroenterologist at the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital. Continue reading

Which ended up being a complete failure.

Mahyco didn’t statement these important results to BARI, of program. The Monsanto subsidiary rather shifted the quantities around and produced a declaration that Bt brinjal can be safe instead of toxic, a common tactic of the GMO loss of life cult when wanting to drive its toxic wares on resistant countries. Fortunately, not really everyone bought this lie. ‘Major health issues among test pets were overlooked in these reviews,’ mentioned Dr. Lou Gallagher, a fresh Zealand-centered epidemiologist and risk evaluation professional who analyzed the info published by Mahyco and discovered its are accountable to be fake. Continue reading

Much longer than any other molecule reported.

Chemists create new molecule that may tangle in the DNA for 16 days Molecule is important stage along the road to someday creating medications that can follow rogue DNA directlyChemists at The University of Texas at Austin have created a molecule that’s so good at tangling itself inside the double helix of a DNA sequence that it could stay there for up to 16 days before the DNA liberates itself, much longer than any other molecule reported. It’s a significant step along the path to someday creating medications that can go after rogue DNA directly intolerance of sildenafil . Continue reading

Champions Oncologys revenue raises 32 percent to $3.

Champions Oncology’s revenue raises 32 percent to $3.2 million in fourth quarter 2015 Champions Oncology, Inc. , engaged in the development of advanced technology solutions and solutions to personalize the advancement and usage of oncology drugs, announced its financial outcomes for the year finished April 30 today, 2015. Fourth One fourth and Latest Business Highlights: Quarterly income increased 32 percent over the same prior calendar year period result Procured a quarterly record high of a lot more than 140 implants Joel Ackerman, Champions Oncology CEO, stated, ‘The finish of fiscal 2015 can be an opportune period to assess the accomplishments and difficulties of the past year. Continue reading

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