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Hit by a car and left permanently paralyzed, DIVA DOG is the true story of Coral – a pit bull on wheels with a heart of gold and a triumphant will to live. Now she is starring in her very own movie, “DIVA DOG: PIT BULL ON WHEELS.” Starring Debra Wilson, Linda Blair, Kelli McCarty, Jordan Ladd, Adrienne Frantz, James Madio, Amelia Kinkade, Tamar Geller, Eric Martsolf & Barbie Orr. DIVA DOG’s mission is to bring a good pit bull role model to the public and to educate people about the options for disabled animals. Come on in and get to know Coral, Pit Bull Ambassador and Official Spokesdog for Disabled Animals Everywhere!!!

Director and Executive Producer: Chris Cory. Producers: Danny Oliva and Claire Farwell.
SPECIAL THANKS: Kathy Najimy, Rue McClanahan, Ed Begley Jr., Persia White, Jane Velez-Mitchell, Maria Conchita Alonso and Victoria Fisher

DIVA DOG is really rolling along full-speed ahead, thanks to all the incredible support from fans all across the country and beyond who know this story is an important and necessary one that must be shared with the world. In the words of our other angel Debra Wilson – Coral’s legacy is a legacy of life, not death. It’s legacy of quality. It’s a legacy of Joy. Coral’s story…is not just a story. It’s a resource that will help us grow as human beings.”

DIVA DOG has partnered with ROVERlution – www.roverlution.org – to bring DIVA DOG’s message to the mainstream public and the mass media through a powerful e-mail campaign that anyone can participate it. It’s very easy. To learn more about OPERATION OPRAH, subscribe to our Monthly Newsletter/E-Zine. To join the OPERATION OPRAH ALERT LIST, please send us an e-mail with OPERATION OPRAH ALERT LIST in the subject line.
Chris Cory is currently on a nationwide tour with DIVA DOG, partnering with animal rescue groups and pit bull advocacy organizations. So far, we have brought DIVA DOG’s message to LA, Philadelphia, Portland (OR), Kansas City, Fredericksburg (VA) and now Toronto. We are starting to go international! Hoping to bring DIVA DOG to the UK by Labor Day.

The next stops on the DIVA DOG tour are Montclair (NJ), NYC and Birmingham(AL). Woo-hoo! All upcoming events info is in our Monthly Newsletter/E-Zine. Keep on the lookout for some new and exciting DIVA DOG events in July and August to commemorate Coral the Diva Dog’s birthday July 23. We will be working with a wonderful rescue called Mariah’s Promise in Colorado and bringing DIVA DOG right to the Denver area, where BSL (breed-specific legislation) is really destroying homes and families, as pit bulls are ripped from their families based soley upon their breed. To learn more about the seriousness of this issue and how BSL is something that MUST be stopped, join our monthly newsletter/e-zine.
The DVD is currently SOLD OUT thank you to all our wonderful customers who have bought copies over the years.
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Remember – Stop Animal Abuse! Support and sustain life on the planet.

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Related StoriesProtein-coding gene defined as tumor suppressor for severe myeloid leukemiaPenn research forms basis for brand-new treatment approaches for Sezary syndromeYK-4-279 compound functions against some types of leukemia: Study’The FDA’s agreement that a combined data set could serve as the foundation of an NDA in a third-series placing provides us with a pathway to an extended indication for OMAPRO to treat CML individuals who are resistant to at least two TKIs,’ said Adam Craig, MD, Chief Medical Officer of ChemGenex. ‘We also appreciate FDA’s invitation to discuss this approach additional in a pre-NDA interacting with,’ he added. ‘We welcome the opportunity granted by the agency to submit mixed data from our two completed pivotal studies also to potentially provide a brand-new therapeutic choice for this significant band of patients who now have very limited treatment options.’ Greg Collier Ph.D., Managing Director and CEO of ChemGenex added: ‘We are happy with the outcome of the Type A meeting as it provides another option for advancing the development timeline for OMAPRO. Continue reading

Announced by the McGuinty Liberals.

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New study suggests.

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Kaiser Family Foundation. Copyright 2008 Advisory Table Kaiser and Company Family Foundation. All rights reserved.. CDC record on HIV/AIDS in U.S. Should serve as ‘wake-up call’ for policymakers, health workers A recent CDC survey on HIV/AIDS in the U.S. – – which found that about 56,000 new HIV attacks occur in the U.S. Every year – – ‘should provide as a wake-up call from the Helps amnesia encircling the domestic epidemic in recent years,’ Susan Blumenthal, senior plan and medical adviser at the Foundation for AIDS Study, and Melissa Shive, a former research associate at amfAR and medical college student at the University of California-San Francisco, compose in a Washington Instances opinion piece. Continue reading

Announced the winners of the 2010 Nutritional Education Grant program today.

And about 385 of them will now be able to participate in a nutrition course led by a certified dietician who will teach them about the importance of consuming a well-balanced diet. Vida Charter SchoolVida Charter School, situated in an ethnically, socio-economically, and diverse Pennsylvania community where proper nourishment is lacking culturally, will use the grant money to get food and cooking equipment for its Food is Elementary Program. Continue reading

This effort is led and directed by Hawaii Chitopure Inc.

Chitosan for space travel injuries A team of researchers is wanting to determine if an ingredient within shrimp and lobster shells might help to make long term missions to Mars safer for space crews who could possibly be injured along the way. Researchers from Harvey Mudd University in California and the University of Louisville are collaborating with bioengineering and biomaterials firm BioSTAR West on study efforts to better learn how to treat injuries aboard lengthy space flights herbs . This effort is led and directed by Hawaii Chitopure Inc., a Honolulu structured biomaterials company specializing in the U.S. Manufacture of ultra-pure chitosan, a polymer created from the shells of crustaceans, such as for example lobsters, crabs, and shrimp. Continue reading

Alnylam initiates Phase II study with ALN-TTRsc for treatment of ATTR Alnylam Pharmaceuticals.

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