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Hit by a car and left permanently paralyzed, DIVA DOG is the true story of Coral – a pit bull on wheels with a heart of gold and a triumphant will to live. Now she is starring in her very own movie, “DIVA DOG: PIT BULL ON WHEELS.” Starring Debra Wilson, Linda Blair, Kelli McCarty, Jordan Ladd, Adrienne Frantz, James Madio, Amelia Kinkade, Tamar Geller, Eric Martsolf & Barbie Orr. DIVA DOG’s mission is to bring a good pit bull role model to the public and to educate people about the options for disabled animals. Come on in and get to know Coral, Pit Bull Ambassador and Official Spokesdog for Disabled Animals Everywhere!!!

Director and Executive Producer: Chris Cory. Producers: Danny Oliva and Claire Farwell.
SPECIAL THANKS: Kathy Najimy, Rue McClanahan, Ed Begley Jr., Persia White, Jane Velez-Mitchell, Maria Conchita Alonso and Victoria Fisher

DIVA DOG is really rolling along full-speed ahead, thanks to all the incredible support from fans all across the country and beyond who know this story is an important and necessary one that must be shared with the world. In the words of our other angel Debra Wilson – Coral’s legacy is a legacy of life, not death. It’s legacy of quality. It’s a legacy of Joy. Coral’s story…is not just a story. It’s a resource that will help us grow as human beings.”

DIVA DOG has partnered with ROVERlution – www.roverlution.org – to bring DIVA DOG’s message to the mainstream public and the mass media through a powerful e-mail campaign that anyone can participate it. It’s very easy. To learn more about OPERATION OPRAH, subscribe to our Monthly Newsletter/E-Zine. To join the OPERATION OPRAH ALERT LIST, please send us an e-mail with OPERATION OPRAH ALERT LIST in the subject line.
Chris Cory is currently on a nationwide tour with DIVA DOG, partnering with animal rescue groups and pit bull advocacy organizations. So far, we have brought DIVA DOG’s message to LA, Philadelphia, Portland (OR), Kansas City, Fredericksburg (VA) and now Toronto. We are starting to go international! Hoping to bring DIVA DOG to the UK by Labor Day.

The next stops on the DIVA DOG tour are Montclair (NJ), NYC and Birmingham(AL). Woo-hoo! All upcoming events info is in our Monthly Newsletter/E-Zine. Keep on the lookout for some new and exciting DIVA DOG events in July and August to commemorate Coral the Diva Dog’s birthday July 23. We will be working with a wonderful rescue called Mariah’s Promise in Colorado and bringing DIVA DOG right to the Denver area, where BSL (breed-specific legislation) is really destroying homes and families, as pit bulls are ripped from their families based soley upon their breed. To learn more about the seriousness of this issue and how BSL is something that MUST be stopped, join our monthly newsletter/e-zine.
The DVD is currently SOLD OUT thank you to all our wonderful customers who have bought copies over the years.
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Remember – Stop Animal Abuse! Support and sustain life on the planet.

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Not surprisingly interest, the facts of how TIM-3 functions have already been unclear – – as yet. Blumberg, Vijay Kuchroo, PhD, director, Evergrande Middle for Immunologic Illnesses at Harvard Medical BWH and School, and co-workers, led by first writer Yu-Hwa Huang, determined a crucial TIM-3 partner, known as CEACAM-1, whose presence determines how TIM-3 shall behave. In CEACAM-1's presence, TIM-3 acts seeing that an inhibitor. In its absence, TIM-3 assumes the properties of an activator. Both of these molecules work together, forming a totally new framework that had under no circumstances been appreciated before. In addition with their close partnership, they act like each other highly, on both functional and structural levels. Continue reading

California passes historic HIV screening bill AIDS Healthcare Basis.

California passes historic HIV screening bill AIDS Healthcare Basis , the operator of the biggest nongovernment HIV testing system in California, praised the California Legislature for its passing of Assembly Bill 682 today, California’s Schedule HIV Screening Expenses, which cleared the Assembly on last concurrence today after clearing the Senate in a 38 to 1 1 vote late the other day. The bill now moves on to the Governor’s table, where it is hoped that Governor Schwarzenegger will sign this lifesaving costs into law. The bi-partisan bill, jointly authored by Assembly Associates Patty Berg, Bonnie Jared and Garcia Huffman and co-sponsored by AIDS Healthcare Foundation, the California Medical Association and the Health Officers Association of California, streamlines the HIV testing process, in order that medical suppliers can identify Californians who are unaware of their HIV – positive status and provide them into care and treatment, while sustaining the fundamental voluntary nature of HIV screening silagra from cipla . Continue reading

Gilead freeze antiretroviral charges for some U.

Gilead shall freeze the costs on its antiretrovirals Viread, Emtriva and Truvada for the U.S. Community Health Service, the Federal government Supply Service and condition AIDS Drug Assistance Applications, according to firm spokesperson Amy Flood. The purchase price freeze will be effective through Dec. 31, 2010, relating to AHF. The low cost acquisition cost is $552 monthly for Viread, $329 once a month for Emtriva and $840 once a month for Truvada, Flood stated. She added that authorities purchasers generally receive partial rebates from the costs. Continue reading

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Avail Safe Tanning Providers in Calgary Tanning is the procedure for darkening one’s complexion to obtain a bronzed appear. Tanning earlier was completed by the natural procedure for being out in sunlight. The ultra-violet sun browned or darkened someone’s skin tone and therefore, one was tanned www.avodart-dutasteride.net . Nevertheless, times have changed therefore gets the climate, the severe sun rays aren’t only popular but also very bad for human body which is the reason that the majority of people, no more obtain tanned in the organic process. Moreover, they don’t need to as well, as there possess a mushrooming of tanning studios providing flawless tanning providers to clients. Tanning Studio Tanning studios are professional companies offering tanning products. Continue reading

stated Tim Church.

BVM Capital makes seed circular expense in Fitness Interactive Experience BVM Capital today announced that it has produced a seed round investment in health video gaming innovator Fitness Interactive Knowledge . ‘The possibilities for socially linked fitness games such as for example UtiliFIT to positively impact wellness behavior on a mass level are enormous and may be a video game changer,’ stated Tim Church, MD, PhD, MPH, Professor of Preventative Medication at Pennington Biomedical Study Center at Louisiana Condition University and an associate of Repair's Strategic Advisory Panel http://levitrasuomi.org .’ Founded in 2012, Repair has completed prototyping UtiliFIT recently, a cellular platform-based activity video game that problems its players to complete micro-physical challenges through the entire full day.’ ‘We're happy to supply early stage support to wellness gaming innovator Repair in this exciting new field,’ added Ross P. Continue reading

Apple growers fearful that non-labeled GMO apples could tarnish the entire apple industry Recently.

Check out the difference between a non-browning Arctic® Golden and a conventional Golden Delicious here: YouTube.com. While apple growers fear the new apple, the business says these apples will prove to be very popular and increase the sales of most apples worldwide. They think that more folks will buy apples if they are pre-sliced, ready and fresh-looking to eat. The New York Occasions reported Neal Carter, founder of Okanagan Specialty Fruits Inc., saying, A complete apple is usually ‘for many people too big a commitment. Continue reading

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Attention Ladies! TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE OF THAT PERSON Shape To Look Good Contouring and highlighting to compliment that person shape can further improve your make-up and may add more description to that person andhighlight your very best features. To attain these effects you may use a foundation 2-3 tones darker than your regular complexion to contour and a highlighting loose powder to highlight areas you would like to draw attention to. Or you should use contouring and highlighting powders offered by make-up stores such as for example MAC www.tadalafil-nz.net . According to beauty professionals the very best shape face can be an oval face. Continue reading

Cargill recalls four a great deal of ground beef products due to E.

Coli O26; three are sick in Maine and New York. In 2008 August, an outbreak of E. Coli O111 at an Oklahoma cafe sickened 300 and killed one. A May 2010 outbreak of E. Coli O145 in lettuce sickened 26.. Cargill recalls four a great deal of ground beef products due to E. Coli O26 recent outbreak The recent outbreak of E. Coli O26 associated with three ailments and the recall of four tons of ground beef products produced by Cargill Meat Solutions is the precise cause these pathogens have to be monitored, says Seattle meals safety attorney Expenses Marler. Coli O157:H7 as an ‘adulterant,’ which means that it is actively tested for in our food supply. Its presence in beef halts distribution and triggers a recall, said Expenses Marler. Continue reading

I adore bananas therefore i buy them always.

The problem was my bank-account was starting to get yourself a little thin therefore i had to begin with cutting expenses on stuff that I generally bought. My children members was my main concern when it found healthful eating and I needed to ensure that there is a lot to consume. I didn’t desire to eradicate fruits and vegetables from our diet plan and that is one benefit of getting the Banana Giant tree. I found out about the Banana Giant plant and believed it could be an excellent notion to possess our very own banana tree in the house. We would in no way have to get them again! I looked into slightly further and noticed that there is a money-back guarantee if I didn’t enjoy it in the end. Continue reading

Because of an explosion in technology.

Asthma inhalers with monitoring devices: The continuing future of American YOUR GOVERNMENT healthcare YOUR GOVERNMENT is finding fresh and inventive methods to keep an eye on you these days, because of an explosion in technology, and which includes the healthcare industry now, once taken into consideration a bastion of privacy infection type . Regarding to Wired magazine, a fresh ‘smart’ asthma inhaler, that is designed to function together with a pc suite, allows wellness professions to track whenever a individual is definitely having an asthma assault – including tracking the positioning of the patient once the attack is happening. The suite, known as Asthmapolis and that is being sold to customers as a basic safety feature , is meant to help both sufferers and healthcare providers as well ‘better monitor the behavior of asthma,’ Wired reported. Continue reading

The brand new rich.

Produced from a one-of-a-kind formulation whose leading ingredient Cocoa Butter is normally nature’s best hydrator, the brand new rich, solid balm gives a minor warming feel when used simultaneously it soothes and balances your skin to enhance its consistency and tone. Using its clean glide and silky consistency, Cocoa-Comfort Therapeutic massage Balm provides much longer workability to meet up the requirements of any therapeutic massage modality. Following a enormously positive response to your Cocoa-Comfort Therapeutic massage Lotion, we wished to provide just one more tool for therapeutic massage therapists that included the curing and relaxing characteristics of Cocoa Butter. Continue reading

The Australian researchers are sequencing the genomes of individuals experiencing pancreatic cancer.

Australian scientists sequence genome of pancreatic cancer By Candy Lashkari The International Cancers Genome Consortium which include experts from 22 countries can be mapping the genomes of various kinds of cancers SildenafilSA.com . The genetic data of every individual is different therefore may be the genetic data of the cancer tumor in the average person. The Australian researchers are sequencing the genomes of individuals experiencing pancreatic cancer. Two units of genomes are required per individual. One may be the normal healthful genome and the various other is cancer ridden. Continue reading

How big is his shoulders.

The biceps are probably the most visible component of your body therefore most men want bulging muscles showing off. Most women believe that big hands are attractive and research show that men with larger arm muscles are well informed and self assured. Because of this it is extremely common for males to be concentrating predominantly on the triceps and biceps when they workout in the gym. Listed below are three proven workout regimes to provide you with the best bicep workout possible. If you actually want to have larger and stronger biceps after that these are the perfect exercises that you should try. 1. Seated Tilted Curls Exercise. That one is good for newbies as it gives your biceps an excellent foundation of muscle which to function on. Continue reading

Bloomberg: Drugmakers led by Pfizer Inc.

The info came from a recently available survey released by Medicare. Pfizer, the world’s largest medication company, will cede not even half of just one 1 % of its $50 billion in annual revenue beneath the set up. Les Funteyder, a ongoing healthcare analyst in NY, calls it much for pharma. The set up provides Medicare beneficiaries who fall right into a insurance gap referred to as the ‘doughnut hole’ 50 % off brand-name medicines. Worldwide product sales by brand-name drugmakers in 2008 totaled $288 billion, regarding to data from the medication industry’s trade association. Continue reading

Symptomatic regurgitation are denied open-heart surgery because it is known as too risky currently.

CardiAQ Valve Technologies announces first human implant of transcatheter bioprosthetic mitral center valve Almost 50 percent of patients experiencing a diseased mitral heart valve with serious, symptomatic regurgitation are denied open-heart surgery because it is known as too risky currently; in the future, percutaneous Transcatheter Mitral Valve Implantation may present new hope for these individuals dysfunction . The breakthrough TMVI process was performed at the Tor Vergata Hospital in Rome, Italy, by a skilled Heart Team led by Director of Cardiology, Francesco Romeo, MD and interventional cardiologist Gian Paolo Ussia, MD, including cardiac doctor Giovanni Ruvolo MD also, anesthesiologist Pasquale De Vico, MD, and echocardiographer Valeria Cammalleri, MD. Continue reading

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