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Q: How does Coral go to the bathroom?
A: Her bladder must be expressed. This means you squeeze it, and it deflates like a balloon, releasing and emptying her urine out.

Q: What about #2?
A: Sometimes it just comes out. Luckily, she doesn’t “leak” unless she has an infection.

Q: How is her health?
A: Great! The only problem at all is she gets urinary tract infections. This is quite common with an incontinent pet and is easily treatable with antibiotics.

Q: How long has she been paralyzed?
A: Two years. The accident occurred on April 15, 2001 (Easter Sunday).

Q: Was she hit by a car?
A: Yes.

Q: Did the driver stop?
A: No.

Q: Did you get the license plate?
A: No. They sped away like maniacs.

Q: Do you think they know what they did?
A: Yes. There is no doubt in my mind they know they ran something over. Coral is 55 lbs., and she went completely underneath the car from front to back. You could hear it.

Q: Is her condition permanent?
A: Yes. She was given a 2% percent chance of any recovery. So far, there has been no improvement at all.

Q: Is she completely paralyzed?
A: The rear half of her body is 100% paralyzed. She is paraplegic.

Q: Can she drag herself around?
A: Yes. If she wants something, she’s gonna get it.

Q: Does she like her wheelchair?
A: Yes. She loves going out for long walks.

Q: Can you take her hiking?
A: Yes. On steep hills, I have to pull her.

Q: Has her personality changed?
A: Not at all.

Q: Does she get depressed?
A: Not really.

Q: Is her life fulfilling?
A: Yes. Definitely.

Q: How is she with other dogs?
A: So-so. I have two other dogs. One has been her best friend for 6 years. The other one thinks he’s a diva, too, so they have issues. When she meets new dogs, she is more defensive than she used to be. But, she has always gotten along with other dogs once she knows them. As long as they understand she’s the boss.

Q: How do dogs react to her now?
A: They are very curious. Sometimes they are scared. Puppies still want to play.

Q: How old is she?
A: She will be 8 years old on July 23, 2003.

Q: Is she always good with people?
A: Yes. There is nothing she loves more than hugs and kisses.

Q: What does she eat?
A: Besides dog food, she loves fruits and veggies! Some of her favorites include apples, carrots, celery, kiwi, mango, bell peppers, strawberries, even cranberry juice!

Q: How is she with cats?
A: She’s afraid of them!

Q: Does she like water?
A: She used to be scared. Now, she loves to go 2-wheeling through the waves.

Q: How active is she?
A: Very. We go hiking all the time. She can walk for hours non-stop.

Q: Where did the accident occur?
A: Broad Beach Road in Malibu.

Q: Where did she get her wheels?
A: Eddie’s Wheels. Visit www.eddieswheels.com.

Q: Are there many resources for people dealing with a handicapped pet?
A: Yes! The best I know of are www.handicappedpets.com and the Yahoo Group called Abledogs.

Q: How long did it take her to recover from the accident?
A: About 4-6 weeks total. She was home from the hospital after only 6 days.

Q: Was she already your dog when the accident occurred?
A: Yes. I had her for about 3 and 1/2 years before the accident.

Q: Did you see the accident?
A: Yes.

Q: Was she on a leash?
A: No. We were crossing a very quiet road. She was within a few feet of me when she was hit.

Q: How fast was the car going?
A: Probably 50 miles per hour. Maybe more.

Q: Did she sustain any other injuries?
A: Only a slight concussion and a bunch of scrapes and bruises. She had a few cracked bones. No more.

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