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The China trial will assess basic safety and efficacy of ENMD-2076 in the Chinese patient population with correlative bio-marker evaluation. ‘We have become pleased that people have initiated the initial clinical trial in China for ENMD-2076 and incredibly much anticipate see how it might benefit Chinese individuals,’ commented Rong Chen, MD, Ph.D., CASI's Chief Medical Officer. ‘Data out of this China study will bolster data that is becoming collected at both U.S. Sites and can provide valuable info as we continue the advancement of ENMD-2076 because of this cancer indication.’ Ken K. Ren, Ph.D., CASI's CEO commented also, ‘We have become pleased and thankful to Dr.Therefore these social folks are getting dehydrated, they are eating more sodas, which doesn’t function just as as water, which is why they obtain asthma. Now, provide these kids water, and their asthma will go away very quickly, in a matter of a couple of hours, totally the breathing becomes regular. The necessity for these inhalers will go away. So when the NIH was contacted by me and described all of this, the gentleman who was simply responsible for this stated I was therefore ignorant on that which was going on, yet he wanted to secure his fiefdom, therefore he ignored the info though I had opted to Clinton even, President Clinton to talk to him to intervene, and present breath back again to these children. But the NIH was adament to use medication. I was compiled by him, actually, and said we have been satisfied with just how asthma has been treated.

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