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A genetically-modified money crop possessed by Monsanto.

Likewise, the authors of the MON810 study likewise have questionable ties to the biotech industry. One of them functions for a biotech consultancy company with a vested curiosity to advertise GMO technologies, while another functions in the agricultural genomics section of a significant university. There are co-authors who work for plant biotechnology research organizations also. ‘. The failure in this study to determine a concentration of MON810 of which there have been no observable toxic effects makes the complete study pretty much invalid,’ explains Testbiotech. ‘Testbiotech also criticizes the authors purposely released the results of the analysis in a scientific journal with close affiliation to sector.’ European Commission utilized taxpayer dollars to invest in bogus GMO study The objective of the scholarly study, of program, was to supply further ‘proof’ that GMOs are secure in order to press them in European countries, where in fact the general population is a lot even more skeptical about biotechnology.Michael Dwyer, CEO and President of Azaya, said: The results reported in this Stage I research of ATI-1123 possess met our scientific goals and exceeded our goals for the huge benefits provided to sufferers. Further, because ATI-1123 uses a dynamic ingredient – docetaxel – that’s used with FDA-acceptance and kills tumors currently, it has a lower development risk profile when compared to a completely new chemical formulation. Predicated on these study outcomes, Dwyer said, ATI-1123 gets the potential to end up being an alternative solution treatment for sufferers with advanced solid tumors. Additional Stage II clinical trials will be necessary to assess tumor response in a more substantial amount of patients with particular solid tumor types. Azaya will be going after aggressively these possibilities to explore advantage for even more patients.

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