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According to fresh research from Europe.

Duration or amount of phone calls, or which part of the head the phone was held, didn’t make a significant difference also. However, the researchers could check phone-company records for a subset of the small children. The few dozen who experienced had mobile phone program the longest, about three years or even more, did have an increased risk. The experts at the Swiss Tropical and Community Health Institute noted that childhood brain cancer has not increased since cell phones appeared. They encouraged more analysis, however, saying their research was not large enough to eliminate a little risk and that kids’ cellphone use has increased since 2008. Repeated studies in adults have already been reassuring also, though an arm of the global globe Health Organization said this spring that there is a possibility that mobile phones pose a risk.Dai and his colleagues, which is detailed in the paper ‘Protein microarrays with carbon nanotubes as multicolor Raman labels,’ was supported by the NCI Alliance for Nanotechnology in Cancers, a comprehensive initiative designed to accelerate the use of nanotechnology to the avoidance, diagnosis, and treatment of malignancy. An investigator from Tsinghua University in Beijing, China, participated in this study also. An abstract of this paper is offered by the journal’s Web site. View abstract The work led by Drs. Chan and Knudsen, which is comprehensive in the paper ‘Spectral analysis of multiplex Raman probe signatures,’ was supported by the National Tumor Institute . An abstract of the paper is offered by the journal’s Site.

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